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Having been practising for 30 years sailing, diving or fishing in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans or in the Mediterranean Sea, we discovered the extreme diversity, but also high fragility of our marine environment.

This statement is particularly true for the Mediterranean Sea as it gathers 10% of the marine biodiversity even though it covers only 1% of the oceans’ surface, is nearly a locked sea and has each of its water particles renewed only every 15 years.

While sailing, we noticed the damages caused by human activities over the marine world.


Having a strong experience acquired over 15 years at the helm of my soap and cosmetics company, we decided to create my own ecological products for life on board.

10 years later, DOCKSOAP became a line of environment-friendly well-being and cleaning products, acknowledged for their quality and efficiency by those who love, practise and respect the sea : yachtsmen, sailors, divers, kiters, surfers, sup paddlers …




As a sailor, aware of the space restraints on board, I chose not to multiply references and to make highly condensed products.

Products with a concentration of active substances are more efficient and more economical.

It’s less water carried all along the production line and the distribution network. It’s also less packing materials and therefore less waste to be recycled, hence a lower carbon footprint.

As a specialist in soaps, I chose to formulate my products with a Marseilles soap basis as it is the world oldest surfactant, in fact a very early ecological product.

As it is, it’s made from natural and renewable ingredients, such as olive or copra oil, is perfume free, color free, with no artificial additive and is totally biodegradable.

Our products are either entirely saponified in cauldrons or have a saponified base integrated in their formula, but in any case they contain no petroleum-derived surfactant, no solvent, no artificial perfume and no Edta(*).

Finally, even if PET packagings can be recycled at low temperature without chlorine release, they remain materials which have to be transformed if they are not re-used ; this solution is unsatisfactory as it requires a lot of water and energy.

That’s why we chose to give up this type of packaging and to use instead bottles and labels which are 100% biodegradable and compostable as made from vegetable waste, with therefore no tree-felling needed.

This is our commitment to fight efficiently against the formation of the 6th continent.

* : sequestrant highly dangerous for the environment ; it carries on its nasty task by confining heavy metals such as lead or arsenic and embedding itself within the fatty tissues of small fishes, from which it gets transferred to larger ones until it reaches the top of the food chain.



These products are perfectly adapted to life on board because they can be used with sea water and they respect the marine ecosystem. They fit in with our concern, first of all, of saving fresh water aboard whether when taking showers or when washing up the dishes, then, of meeting the daily bodywash and kitchen needs without polluting the sea.

Even on boats equipped with grey waters tanks, using our products helps to fight against marine pollution. As a matter of fact, the wastewater treatment plants to which these grey waters end up don’t process thoroughly the rinsing waters from detergents and sanitation products. The substances are in fact reintroduced into the natural environment as wastewater sludge and runoff waters, which feed the rivers and hence end up in the sea. Actually, as 80% of the marine pollution comes from inland, we must use ecological products all the time and anywhere.

The DOCKSOAP line is a range of well-being products not only for life on board, but also for life at the seaside, for skin and hair care and their protection from the marine elements : salt, wind and sun.

And DOCKSOAP is also ecological cleaning products for life and daily activities when being anchored or when cruising.

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